Tech-Based Data Analysis

With its strategic partnership with high-caliber platforms and environments, MCF offers a platform to leverage powerful data analysis.

Full Stack Software Development
Building their solid data analysis platform from scratch

Activating Cloud by MCF offers a platform to leverage powerful data analysis capabilities.


The venture maintains a strategic partnership with Microsoft Azure. Thus, this alliance allows clients to innovate while prioritizing security.


The venture contacted Capicua to develop the platform from the ground. We keep collaborating with MCF today.


The aim was to create a platform for MCF business consultants for the next 50 years.


Activating Cloud is a SaaS-based platform offering a robust, scalable platform. It's specialized in combining collaborative thinking and big data. As a result, it gave clients 24/7 access to a strong data workbench and shared workspace. This solution enables exceptional data management while boasting a highly intuitive interface. Also, it provides a completely managed data warehouse and comprehensive data manipulation tools. All this allows business decision-makers to visualize, manage, analyze, and model data.

If deployed with this innovative solution, companies can extract needed insights. Still, it's also efficient and effective to manage, model, analyze, and visualize data. Among its highlights, it predicts business outcomes and speeds up decision-making. Moreover, it helps infuse new efficiencies into operations and reduce risks.


The platform faced several challenges to achieve a superb experience. For instance, it needed information decentralization. Because of this, teams needed help to coordinate data and project management. These difficulties included manipulating and analyzing data in a synchronized manner. Moreover, presenting data results to clients took a lot of work. Also, before our alliance, there was a need to install all software types locally.

Our challenges’ focus was to provide Big Data services. We needed to integrate the platform with tools and techs like Jupiter Hub and Tableau. Also, we had to build an SDK for users to create their apps within the platform.


We started the front end with customized HTML and CSS. Also, we added ReactJS and RedUX to achieve higher-quality results. On top of that, we also built the interfaces with the Material-UI library. For the back end, we relied on Node.JS, yet we used Typescript as a hybrid language for both the front and back end. Our dev process also included Vaults, Frontdoors, and Functions from AZURE. Further, the chosen database was PostgreSQL. Besides these, we worked with Kafka, Redis, Snowflake, Gitlab/Github, and CI/CD. 

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