The 5 Best MERN Stack Projects To Add To Your Portfolio

Written by
Manuel Aparicio

Undoubtedly, the MERN Stack is one of the best to build full-stack projects. Its wide array goes from mobile applications to modern web applications. It encompasses some of the most cutting-edge and powerful techs. MongoDB, Express, React, and Node provide all the tools you need to make scalable apps. Plus, they make it easy for you to ensure they're SEO-optimized. Hence, the apps you build with them have a seamless, secure, and reliable performance. Are you looking to upgrade your portfolio and wow some IT recruiters? Let's dive into some fantastic projects with the second most trending and popular 2022 stack!

What MERN Projects Make To Get Hired?

That's one of the most common questions among developers. Even if you're a master MERN developer, you'll struggle to land a job without suitable projects in your portfolio. So, we've decided to write this short guide with highly marketable project ideas. Let's see some of them!

Where to Start With The MERN Stack?

1. Building an eCommerce MERN Website

Having an eCommerce website is something easy that every full-stack dev should have in their portfolio. Chances are that you won't be able to make something like Amazon or eBay if you're a junior developer. Nonetheless, you can focus on adding the main functionalities of eCommerce sites, like search bars, shopping carts, and responsiveness. You can also add SSL security and payment gateways, like PayPal or Stripe. 

An eCommerce-focused site in your portfolio shows companies that you can build reliable web apps. Plus, it will let recruiters know you are comfortable with full-stack development. Looking for an example? You can dive into our KÜHL showcase!

2. Creating a FinTech MERN Project

The FinTech industry has risen undeniably over the last few years. As a matter of fact, investments in this field went over 200B dollars in 2021! In that same year, Stripe reached 95B dollars in total value. As you might have guessed, there's an increasing demand for FinTech solutions. That's why having a Fintech project in your portfolio adds excellent worth!

Yet, we know that building FinTech apps may be too much for a single person. Since they can be quite complex and advanced, it often takes whole dedicated teams to achieve quality. But, behold! While trading apps and digital wallets can be great for more experienced devs, a Personal Finance App can be a good solution for all skill levels. There are a few things to consider when creating your first FinTech app, starting with account creation and notifications integration. You can also add transaction categorization and saving goals, depending on the scope you'd like to take. Do you want some inspo? Take a look at our success cases! While BITA focuses on systematic investments, Showcast is a perfect solution for modern content creators.

Where to Start With The MERN Stack?

3. Developing an EdTech Platform with MERN

The EdTech field has also been growing exponentially. Moreover, analysts estimate its value will reach over 400B dollars by 2025! As a result, and like with FinTech, there is higher demand, and likewise, it would be a smart move to have one on your portfolio. 

Yet, there's no need to overwhelm yourself trying to add a bunch of complex features! You can focus on the basics, like data validation, content uploading, and sending messages. If you're comfortable with that, you can add more features, such as progress tracking or authentication. While it's not a full MERN Stack project, you can check the process of building Wurryl's platform to see the versatility of combining React.js and Node.js.

4. Creating a MERN-based Videogame

There's literally no chance you are not crazy about at least one video game! Also, investing your time in building something you love and enjoy is a wonderful idea. Building games allow you to have fun doing something you enjoy. In the meantime, you grow professionally.

If so, you can choose an existing and relatively simple game. This way, you don't have to worry about the rules and specifics of the game. You can jump directly into the UI and functionalities you already know. You can start simple with options like Tetris and Snake. Moreover, the React.js official page offers a Tic Tac Toe tutorial!

Where to Start With The MERN Stack?

5. Building Your Portfolio Website with MERN Stack

Now you have at least four projects. It's time to showcase them on a professional website! You can play with design styles and animations to depict your personality and show your creative process here. Plus, you can use it to include general information about you. That can be your hobbies, education, and background.

Like the other projects, feel free to play around with the complexity level. Some pages typically include a homepage, an about and project pages, and a contact form. The contact form page allows you to show you can work with email integrations. That's something most clients need to run their businesses!

Final Thoughts

These fantastic projects allow you to demonstrate your whole set of skills in development environments. Further, the MERN stack can show both your front and back-end development capabilities. Ultimately, keep in mind that you don't need to build the five projects to be able to apply for a job! Having two or three projects proving your full-stack developer skills is to build user interfaces. Are you applying for IT-related jobs? Don't forget to check our post about IT Interview questions!

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