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Mandala offers a dynamic exchange platform for cryptocurrency trading, with over-the-top levels of security for users and wallets.

UI Design & Development
Providing powerful trading tools & top-level security

Mandala‘s primary mission is to connect the universe through blockchain. Furthermore, it aims to offer the market the most trusted digital asset exchange.


Its major impact is creating a dynamic environment whereby Mandala Token (MDX) provides specialized trading capabilities. These include referral rewards, trading rebates, unlocking enhancements, and trading fee rebates.


While we started working on UI Design, our partnership became so proficient that we’ve also been working on its development.


The company's goal was to design an exchange platform for all users. To do so, they had to combine accessible design with the power of traditional e-trading. Furthermore, they aimed to be the market's most trusted digital asset exchange platform.


​​Mandala is a Chicago-based acquired fintech company. Its conception began when noting many trading platforms were somehow unintuitive. Often, these platforms didn’t include tools for trading to be more efficient. As a result, Mandala’s purpose was to offer a dedicated space on a leading platform. Furthermore, allowing users to access the most extensive liquidity pool worldwide. In this context, it wanted to provide a versatile, user-friendly, and easy-to-use suite.

Yet, on the other hand, Mandala has a long-term goal of pushing the digital economy. This goal encompasses evolving into a household name in the digital assets marketplace. Also, it contemplates involvement with regulated entities.


This project's specific challenge was studying the trading and crypto fields. Not only do we make sure to understand its structure and interactions. Further, we analyzed both Mandala and its competitors’ strengths and differential proposals.

Mandala was looking for a platform with powerful trading tools while maintaining top-level transaction security. On top of that, it aimed to offer an appealing trading dashboard. The challenge was to provide traders with a reliable and attractive way to trade.

Worth Mentioning

For this project, we immersed ourselves in the crypto world, studying platforms, exchanges, signals, and trading types. We worked alongside experts in the field. Mandala’s leading offers weren’t yet in the market. With this information, we synthesized references to design tools properly. As a result of our joint work, Capicua built Mandala’s first MVP.


To achieve the best results, we combined React and Modulus.IO for the front-end and back-end. Furthermore, we applied React Material-UI for design components and Sketch’s digital UI toolkit. Mandala has prioritized points like preventing data breaches and loss of funds through hacking. Keeping their expectations on security in mind, we applied measures like two-factor user authentication.

We knew that exchange platforms had large amounts of data that needed to be continuously updated. This aspect became important when looking at the high price volatility in the cryptocurrency trading market. As a result, traders need to have the most up-to-date pricing information available. In this case, we applied WebSocket’s communications protocol, allowing a direct data flow from the server to the browser.


The platform’s frontend had already been started with custom React libraries when we began to work on the project. However, we ensured that the tool’s design matched the backend functionalities. To do so, we used Material UI to create a modern and intuitive design line for users. On top of that, we incorporated a trading assistant widget with a chatbot handled with Machine Learning. Our team managed to design an attractive dashboard while also displaying large amounts of data.

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